10 Healthy Smoothie Recipes for your Diet

Here are 10 smoothie recipes that you can make that’ll help you slim down. Easy to make, surely delicious, and healthy! It’s a perfect partner for your every meal as it specifically targets those belly fats. You now have a tasty drink and you’ve flushed down those excess fats.   1. Blueberry Smoothie SERVINGS: 1 […]

Beware night owls! Lack of sleep means gaining weight!

Are you a night owl? If you are, the odds of you gaining weight in the next five years might be higher than you think because of lack of sleep.   Lack of sleep can lead to weight gain A study showed that teens and adults gained weight for every hour of sleep that they lost. […]

Are you a couch potato? Here’s why you need to do walking instead.

  We already know that walking instead of riding public transportation or driving or simply being lazy is good for our health. So you might not be surprised anymore if I tell you what happened to a study conducted on more than 200,000 Australians. The researchers found out that instead of being a couch potato, an […]

Do you prefer not to do dish washing?

After coming home from today’s events, I would rather curl up on my reading couch, play calming music, light up some candles and essential oils, and drink green tea, while clearing my mind of every thought. This is what I wish. But no. I come home, I need to prepare a light snack and before I […]

Say hello to the easy-to-clean MAZE hairbrush

  Have you ever wondered how life can be much easier if your hairbrush is not filled with hair? Researchers at the Ohio University does not want you to throw your hairbrush anymore, especially if it has tons of hair in it. The simple solution? An easy-to-clean hairbrush!   Meet the MAZE hairbrush. You can […]

Avoid depression by eating more fruits and vegetables!

Avoid depression by eating healthy.   Just eat more fruits and vegetables and you’d be on your way to avoid depression. Yes, you read that right. According to a study, eating more fruits and vegetables, especially following the Mediterranean diet, can help prevent the onset of depression. The study involved more than 15,000 participants and […]

Banana: why you should eat it every day

Remember this article about not feeding monkeys in the zoo any banana? One zoo in the UK banned the use of banana to feed their monkeys. This is because they said that eating bananas are bad for the monkeys’ health. This news stirred the banana loving humans.   Though the zoo claimed that this ban should […]

Adult coloring: are there health benefits?

Have you ever tried to sit down and started coloring? Did you try picking up a child’s coloring book and color the blues away? Did it work? Did it help you become calmer and more relaxed?     We all know that coloring books are used by children, given by parents or educators to either […]

Let your kids play outside!

Kids play outside? I know you might be wondering why I’m talking about kids. But I know that some of you are mothers, and I would also like to get you more involved with me and about health for you and your children. If you are a mom and you’re unsure if you should be […]

Do you know the 5-second rule for dropped food?

What’s the 5-second rule? If you drop your food on the floor, you’ve had already thought, and if not, you’ve probably heard someone say that you need to pick it up within 5 seconds. Why? So that you can eat it. And that it’s not dirty yet.   The gist of the 5-second rule The […]

Can physical activities help your brain?

We’re all for adapting a healthy lifestyle. In fact, most of us try to eat healthy and make sure to engage in physical activity at least 150 minutes a week. But do you know which kinds of physical activity to engage in?     Aside from the apparent benefits of engaging in physical activities like […]

Exercise can possibly be replaced by Vitamin C

Move over exercise. It seems like taking a lot of vitamin C supplements can mimic the same effect. How is this possible? A study presented at the 14th International Conference on Endothelin: Physiology, Pathophysiology and Therapeutics, showed that taking in vitamin C supplements is just like exercising. Weight loss and physical activity is important for those who […]

Teas that you need to drink to block fat

If you’ve been following my blog for some time now you know that I’ve always been sharing with you guys my love of tea. I wrote about tea benefits here and the different kinds of tea here, if you need a recap.     But what I haven’t really touched is what tea can give […]

Spice 101: spices that you can’t be without

  It’s time for a small spice guide for all you kitchen enthusiasts. You’d always go to the spice section of a grocery store and you wonder, “Which spices should I be hauling now?” You bought a lot last time but you haven’t even gotten them out of the storage in your kitchen shelf for […]

What to eat to increase sexual appetite

Being healthy doesn’t just include eating healthy or engaging in physical activities, it also means having a healthy sexual appetite. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, engaging in sexual activities is needed and is included in our basic needs. It ranks alongside breathing, eating, and other physiological aspects of living. Imagine that. So what can you […]

Do you use candles and incense sticks at home?

  I love lighting candles and incense sticks, especially when I’m reading a book or having a grand time soaking in bubbles for my weekly tub time. I even light a few candles when I’m doing some meditating. But I guess I would have to be more careful about which candles and which incense sticks to […]

Yoga poses to do at home

Some of you might think that yoga is overrated, while others will simply say that it’s a fad. But what does science tell us? Yoga has health benefits. And though I am not going to tell you about these health benefits now, I am going to tell you that probably like majority of you, I […]

Antioxidants and glowing skin: learn all about it!

You’ve heard it time and again, the secret to glowing skin isn’t what you apply externally, but what you put internally. Simply put, even though you purchased a hundred dollar beauty product to apply on your skin every night, you still won’t get that glowing skin without eating these food items high in antioxidants. Not […]

Do you like sprinkling your food with ground black pepper?

I love sprinkling black pepper on my salads, especially if I think they’re too bland (even for me). So I got really curious as to what this spice actually contributes to our health and I wanted to share it with you black pepper lovers out there. Health Benefits of Black Pepper Vitamins and Minerals If […]