How To Stop Stress Eating

At some point in our lives, we all resulted to this dreadful thing called stress eating. We’ve all craved something sweet or salty just to satisfy our negative emotions in the attempt to get something positive out of it. There are some people who do this once a month and personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with giving in to cravings just so we can feel better after a very bad day. After all, stressed is dessert spelled backward! However, it all depends on the person and what factors were causing the habit of stress eating that makes the act acceptable.

Stress is a part of our everyday lives and it’s not something we can escape so easily. If you’re the type of person who gets so stressed easily and has a problem of coping with it, stress eating may be more of a habit than a once in a lifetime craving kind of thing. If you’re always having a bad day and you always feel the need to snack on unnecessary or unhealthy food during the day, then you might be causing more harm than good to your body. Maybe there are bigger factors that you need to address rather than choosing to munch all your stress away.


How To Stop Stress Eating

What is Stress Eating?

Stress eating or what we can also call emotional eating is when people use food to make themselves feel better. Whether it’s stress, loneliness, exhaustion or even just boredom, people try to satisfy their emotional needs rather than the physical hunger.

It is easy to confuse physical hunger with stress eating, mainly because you might try to justify to yourself that you’re hungry–not lonely, stressed, exhausted or bored.

Are you Stress Eating?

  • Do you constantly reward yourself with your favorite food when you’ve had a long hard day?
  • Are you eating just to feel better, instead of full?
  • Do you feel like you’re eating more when you’re stressed?
  • Are you really feeling hungry when you eat, or do you just feel like you want to eat?

If you said yes to most of the questions above, then you are probably stress eating.



Physical Hunger VS Emotional Hunger

Emotional hunger feels urgent and overwhelming. It’s like a nagging feeling in your head instead of your stomach. Physical hunger comes gradually, it also doesn’t demand instant satisfaction. Emotional hunger craves for a specific taste or food, while real hunger makes everything sound so good. Emotional hunger will always leave you unsatisfied even if you already ate a lot, while physical hunger will make you feel full and satisfied afterward. You can feel physical hunger, from the pain in your stomach to the growling. Emotional hunger can’t be felt since it’s all in the mind.


How To Stop Stress Eating

How To Stop Stress Eating?

The first step is to determine what causes it. Is it your work, your lifestyle, etc.? Your next step would be to try and manage your emotions. There are a lot of alternatives to coping with emotions without reaching for food. If you are lonely, maybe you should consider going out more with your friends, reach out to your family or relatives, or try cuddling more with your pets. You can also try dancing or singing to your favorite song, or jog and walk around the block. If you are exhausted, take a warm bath and use scented candles or anything with aromatherapy. You can also try reading a good book while laying on the bed so you can relax. If you’re bored, you can look for new hobbies that you might enjoy. There is no actual remedy for stress eating, but it’s always up to you on how you can manage your emotions and cope with stress better. Accept your feelings, it will always be there and there’s really no way to stop yourself from feeling them.

Consistency, Key to a Healthier Lifestyle


Forming habits and routines provide stability in our health and life. It helps our body establish clear goals and expectations. Consistency is key to a healthier lifestyle because training our body to require the same thing every day minimizes the tendency to binge, especially in eating.

If you always start and stop, your journey to a healthier lifestyle also starts and stops. You fail to achieve the benefits at the end because you quit halfway. However, if you practice consistency, it improves the chances that your efforts in becoming healthier can be achieved. Another good thing about consistency is that once it becomes a habit, it also becomes easier to do. You no longer have to drag yourself out of the door to start jogging in the morning or forcing yourself to eat healthily and feel like a rabbit afterward.




If you want to be consistent in eating healthy, you can begin by eating at the same time every day. By following this rule, you can reduce the possibilities of eating unnecessary snacks in between meals. Your body won’t feel the need to eat until it’s time for your usual meal after it has adjusted. Try to eat balanced meals within the day too, starving yourself is not an option. It’s called a diet, not ready to die yet. Eating balanced meals also reduce the chances of getting hungry in between, because your body knows that it has received proper nutrients already. Also, it is best to create meal plans for the week to avoid calling for pizza because you forgot to do the grocery. Meal plans are part of the consistency in eating healthy because you are fully aware of the calories that you are consuming within the week. Another tip in order to help in being consistent is to fill your meal plan with things that you love. Not necessarily ice cream or chocolates, but it’s good to let yourself indulge as long as it’s within healthy portions. Keep it in moderation.




The same goes for exercise. Build a habit of exercising at the same time daily. If you always jog at 8:00 AM in the morning, stick to that routine. In time, you don’t have to keep making excuses for yourself on why you shouldn’t wake up early to jog. Also, your body might have gotten used to this cardio activity in no time and you don’t sweat as easily anymore. By then, you can start adding another form of exercise to your routine to avoid the plateau.

The good part is, it only takes about a week or two for your body to fully adjust to your healthier routine. It’s not really that long, is it? It is just a matter of motivating yourself to switch up your lifestyle to a better and healthier one. Sooner or later, you won’t feel the muscle pain that you get from exercising. Sooner or later, you’ll stop snacking on unnecessary snacks during the day. That sounds like a dream, right? But it’s very achievable with the right motivation.


5 Essential Health Tips To Ensure Daily Wellness

Let’s all admit, it’s hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With all the temptations around us, those fast foods and a lot of activities, most of us really forget to keep ourselves healthy.

So here are 5 basic daily health tips to help ensure wellness for life:

Make it as a daily routine of doing exercises every morning if possible, at least 30 minutes as it will strengthen your heart and your body. Plus, doing cardio exercises can lower your stress, improve your lungs, and help you lose weight. You can do whichever you’re comfortable between walking, jogging, and cycling.

Taking vitamin D will help you improve your immune system and protect you against everything even from cancer.

Having a balanced diet is every meal is important. Take foods that are high in fibre. Follow the Go, Grow, and Glow food diet for better reference. Having a vegetable on your plate every meal can do wonders in your body.

Drinking enough water keeps your body hydrated, and keeps faster metabolism. When you take caffeinated tea and coffee, always partner it with a one or two glasses of water. Avoid sodas! Even those diet sodas since they can start diseases. Switch to herbal teas and fresh juices rather.

Having a complete 6 to 8 hours of sleep will keep you energised all throughout the day. Plus, it gives your face a better glow and you’ll have a better mood. You’ll be less irritated and will be even more productive.

This healthy tips could help anyone who’s looking for ways to boost their immunity and avoid illness. Do them every day for a healthy well-being and your body will be thank you!