Do you prefer not to do dish washing?


After coming home from today’s events, I would rather curl up on my reading couch, play calming music, light up some candles and essential oils, and drink green tea, while clearing my mind of every thought.

This is what I wish. But no. I come home, I need to prepare a light snack and before I can even move in the kitchen I need to wash the dishes… Yes! Dish washing is for everyone.

Dish washing as a stress reliever

I make it sound like a difficult chore, but it’s really not. Especially if you watch these tips.

But why am I telling you all of these? Because you and I should start to love dish washing. Because a study done at the Florida State University found out that dish washing calms the mind.

The reason behind this is because dish washing is, “A meditative method of focusing attention on the emotions and thoughts of the present moment.”

So next time you feel like not doing dish washing because you feel like it’s a chore, remember this study! Dish washing, when done mindfully, can be a stress reliever. Take it from this research, you would be glad you did it.

Happy dish washing everyone! 😀

Banana: why you should eat it every day

Remember this article about not feeding monkeys in the zoo any banana? One zoo in the UK banned the use of banana to feed their monkeys. This is because they said that eating bananas are bad for the monkeys’ health. This news stirred the banana loving humans.

Though the zoo claimed that this ban should not in any way affect humans, some of us are of course, rattled by this.

So, if you’re still wondering if eating a banana every day is still good for you, read on:

Banana Health Benefits


We all know that bananas contain potassium, and a medium-sized banana has 422 mg potassium. This is 12% of the daily recommended consumption. If you consume potassium closer to the daily recommendation, then you are at a lower risk for stroke.

Natural sports drink

Did you know that a study was conducted in athletes comparing the effect on consuming bananas and a sports drink? And what’s the verdict? Not only can you eat a banana as an alternative to drinking, let’s say Gatorade, but it’s natural too. One banana can give you 102 calories, 17% of daily recommended vitamin C intake and 3 g of fiber. A banana can also give you 27 g of carbohydrates.

So next time you work out and require a sports drink, take a banana instead. It’s also cheaper.

Happy chemicals

Eating a banana also gives us  serotonin and dopamine. We know that these are happy chemicals that help improve the body’s antioxidant abilities and aids with stress.

Here are other health benefits of bananas:


So what are you waiting for? Make sure you have bananas listed down on your grocery list! 😀


Do you know the 5-second rule for dropped food?

What’s the 5-second rule? If you drop your food on the floor, you’ve had already thought, and if not, you’ve probably heard someone say that you need to pick it up within 5 seconds.

Why? So that you can eat it. And that it’s not dirty yet.

The gist of the 5-second rule

The only thing that you need to really know is that yes, you can eat food that has been dropped and reached the floor for 5 seconds. Actually, even more than 5 seconds.

Because the length of time the food spends in contact with the floor is not really important. What is more important is the kind of floor it came in contact with and how much bacteria is on the floor.

For example, if you dropped your food on a carpeted surface, the odds are higher that there will be less bacteria. According to a study, carpets have lesser capabilities of holding bacteria, than wood or tile.

To learn more about the 5-second rule, watch this video:

What do you think of the 5-second rule? Do you do this? Let us know!