Smoothies That Aid In Weight Loss

It is highly recommended that we eat 5-9 servings of fruit per day in order to prevent cancer and other diseases. Fruit or vegetable smoothies are the best way to detox your body from toxins that are preventing your body from a quicker weight loss. Not only do these smoothies taste good, but it’s the quickest way to get your daily portions of nutrients and promote weight loss.

Orange Creamsicle Smoothie

This smoothie is packed with fiber that aids in digestion. Oranges are known to be low in fat, high in calcium and protein. It can also keep your cholesterol levels in check! Not to mention that it’s fat-free and low in calories and energy density. It’s a perfect weight loss smoothie that’s perfectly citrusy!

Smoothies That Aid In Weight Loss

1 cup non-dairy milk
2 small oranges, cut into wedges, peeled and frozen
5 small kale leaves (or equivalent amount of spinach)

Directions: Combine these ingredients in a blender, and enjoy!

Tip: Go lower fat by ditching the milk and adding frozen bananas instead. Up the protein with vanilla raw protein powder or hemp seeds.

Mango Celery Smoothie

Celery is a low-calorie food and it offers anti-inflammatory effects that reduce general bloating. It can also reduce your calorie intake and it has vitamin K that is necessary for proper blood clotting.

3 kiwi
1 mango
3 cups spinach
5 fresh mint leaves
1 medium stalk of celery
8 ounces of water

Directions: Combine these ingredients in a blender, and enjoy!

Peach Mix Smoothie

I love peaches! They’re a great addition to any smoothie. It’s low in fat and calories and adds that unique flavor that’s so creamy and smooth. It’s so delicious you wouldn’t even know it’s healthy!

Smoothies That Aid In Weight Loss

1-2 bananas
1/2 cup frozen peaches
1/2 cup frozen mango
a couple handfuls of spinach

Directions: Combine these ingredients in a blender, and enjoy!

Tip: When peaches are not available, nectarines or mangoes make a great substitute.

Pineapple Veggie Smoothie

Pineapples are packed with vitamin C and the enzyme bromelain. Bromelain clears mucus in the body and reduces overall inflammation. It’s also high in fiber and aids in digestion.

Smoothies That Aid In Weight Loss

1/2 head celery
1 cucumber (skin optional)
1/2 cup cilantro
1/2 cup parsley
1 lemon
2 tbsp ginger
1/3 pineapple

Directions: Combine these ingredients in a blender, and enjoy!

Grapefruit Smoothie

Grapefruit has antioxidants that break down fat in the liver. It can even breakdown fats like cellulite. Plus, it only has 74 calories per cup!

Smoothies That Aid In Weight Loss

1 grapefruit
1 large sweet apple
2 cups spinach
1 large frozen banana
2-3 ice cubes
about 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk, water or other liquid
1/2 tsp fresh ginger

Directions: Combine these ingredients in a blender, and enjoy!

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  • These look good. I also love that the ingredients are highly available almost anywhere. With smoothies, you can always add a lot of fruits and vegies to the mix. They’re my favorite go-to snack whenever I’m craving something and I don’t want to give in.

  • Even for not weight loss purposes, my kids love smoothies. It’s the best way you can help them get their daily amount of nutrients. It’s fuss-free when the vegies are in smoothie form. You don’t always tell them about it though! Because even if you can’t even taste the vegies, they’ll be complaining about how gross it is.

  • Sometimes I add oats to my smoothies for a more filling snack. They add a little texture to it but it doesn’t really alter the taste.

  • I love how refreshing these smoothies are. Even during the cold months I just add fewer ice to the mix and I’m all good.❤️

  • I love pineapples. I honestly believe it’s such an amazing fruit that has so much fiber in it. I’m not a healthy eater but I make sure to eat pineapples whenever I can because it really helps in my digestion. For some reason I think of it as a detox fruit that sweeps away all the crap I eat.

  • Smoothies are great snacks. I also read somewhere that fruits are better eaten before meals instead of after meals because it will be easier for you to digest what you just ate. So in between meals, I love preparing smoothies.

  • I’m not sure if mint has health benefits but they taste really good when added to smoothies. Even when I’m making savory ones it’s really nice. I love the fresh taste it gives.

  • I make it habit to prepare at least one smoothie per day. A mix of fruits that offer different vitamins per day. I’ve been a vegan for quite a while and I struggle with deficiencies. My mood has been crappy so I’m trying to eat a lot of healthy stuff lately to compensate. Not sure if I’m improving in any way but I’m trying my best.

  • My kids love peaches in smoothies. I add brocolli and they can’t even recognize it. Celery has too much flavor and they can tell so I don’t bother with it. #MomTricks 😛

  • I seriously can’t fathom the taste of mangoes with celery. Celery has a onion like flavor and it doesn’t taste nice with fruits. I would rather just eat my celery with dips than force myself to eat it like that. It’s a nice tasting vegie that’s good with savory food, not sweet ones.

    • It’s because fruits and vegies have high fiber and that’s what aids in weightloss. There isn’t a single fruit and vegie in this world that makes you lose weight.

  • I’m not good at concocting smoothies. I usually just stick to 1-2 fruits/vegies so I don’t end up blending crap together. Certain fruits can’t even go together… Smoothies already have such a weird texture so it’s scary to just toss in ingredients into the blender and end up with a weird colored concoction.

  • I was just wondering if anyone of you know how effective Chia seeds are? They say it’s a good weightloss helper and you could mix it anywhere you want. Even on yogurt and smoothies.

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