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6 Beauty Products To Stop Using Now

Yes we all want to look pretty. We like shiny, nicely packaged containers that are known as ‘miracles in bottles.’ Hence we load our drawers and cabinets with useless junk that hardly ever get used. ‘Useless’? Did I dare say that?

I know I broke your hearts, but do trust me on this one that there are countless products that claim to remove every mark and blemishes from your pretty face. But truth is, they do hardly anything.

Here’s my top 6 picks of products you should abandon immediately.

Anti-Aging Creams

Its a myth. Don’t delude yourself into thinking a mere ointment can wipe miracally wipe off wrinkles from you face.
It does nothing than temporarily smoothening out your skin and is nothing more than a simple moisturiser.

Cellulite Cream

Just like anti-aging cream, this is another product that does nothing. It doesn’t do any smoothening or toning of your body, because if you look close enough, you’ll see they just promise to ‘reduce the appearance of cellulite” not permanently erase the marks. The only thing that can help you with cellulite is water, exercise, and a healthy diet.

Color-Enhancing Hair Care

So you just spent a a few hundred dollars on a shampoo that promises to lock in your hair color for forever.
Well, you just got ripped. Because these shampoos only contain a temporary colour stain that is actually more harmful than being beneficial. If you do however want long lasting highlights, just reduce your shower frequency.

Lip Exfoliator

Go natural. Just take a handful of sugar and gently scrub over your wet lips. Its got no chemical, so that’s a huge plus and it tastes pretty good too.

Heat Defense Hair Serum

There are so many sprays and serums that promises to protect your hair against heat treatments. But truth is, your hair gets tortured and fried in the entire process of brushing, dying and ironing. These miracle serums only have temporary benefits and actually makes your hair prone to breakage in the long run.

Foot and Elbow Lotion

Any product specifically targeted to a certain body part is a rip off. A normal body moisturiser will work just as well on your feet or elbow. So please save yourself the trouble of wasting your money on something that you don’t need.

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