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Do You Like Sprinkling Your Food With Black Pepper?

I love sprinkling black pepper on my salads, especially if I think they’re too bland (even for me). So I got really curious as to what this spice actually contributes to our health and I wanted to share it with you black pepper lovers out there.

Do You Like Sprinkling Your Food With Black Pepper?

Health Benefits of Black Pepper

Vitamins and Minerals

If you think that you’re able to consume an ounce of black pepper, that’s roughly 28g, then these are the benefits that you’re getting from that ounce:

Manganese: 79% of the daily recommended value

Vitamin K: 57% of the daily recommended value

Iron: 45% of the daily recommended value

Fiber: 30% of the daily recommended value

It’s not bad, isn’t it? Though I know you and I won’t actually consume 28g of pepper in one day, were getting a percentage of these numbers even if it’s just a teaspoon of pepper.

No to intestinal gas

A property of black pepper it that it is a carminative, which means there will be minimal or no intestinal gas formation. It can also warm the body, hence promoting sweating and toxin release.

Enhanced digestive tract

If you consume beta-carotene, B-vitamins, and selenium, pepper enhances the absorption of these.


Black pepper is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial. What more can you ask for?


If you still can’t wrap your head around these really great health benefits, watch this video and learn more about it!

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