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5 Easy Ways to Detox at Home

Getting a detox routine sans the complications is as easy as doing your groceries. There are a lot of information on the internet telling you that getting a detox needs to be done with these particular juice or food items, but if truth be told, it doesn’t really have to be.

detox at home

I’ve compiled 5 easy ways for you to be able to start a simple, yet efficient detox at home routine. Try them and you will see the easiness of it all.

Five tips on how to detox at home

Birch Sap Beginning

Instead of drinking water with squeezed lemon first thing in the morning, try drinking birch sap. It has a lot of vitamin C and is a great way to start your day.

Garlic Galore

You don’t like garlic? Well, you need to start liking it and incorporate it into your meals every time. It’s an antioxidant and it’s going to help your immune system

Castor Oil on Your Abdomen

You will need a towel soaked in cold-pressed castor oil and a glass bottle with warm water. And then you have to wring the towel after soaking, and place it on top of your abdomen. Then you need to place the warm bottle over the towel. Do this for thirty minutes.

Dry Skin Brushing

You would need a natural bristle brush for this. Twice a day, you would have to brush from your feet down toward your heart area, naked. Afterwards, you need to take a cold shower, then a hot shower.

Spa Pamper Time

You might think that spa time is just a lifestyle. It’s actually a great way to detox. Call a home therapist so you won’t have to stress yourself driving to and from the spa. That one hour sports massage will do your lymphatics and blood circulation great wonders.


Here’s a great idea for a detox at home night, if you want to plan something ahead:

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  • Emily Weiss says:

    What’s the castor oil in your abdomen for?

  • Julia Gray says:

    Hmm.. I think physical exfoliation works better than dry brushing. Brushes kind of hurt and I’ve never seen soft ones. I like using bath salts for this. I love how my skin feels so supple afterward.

  • Jeni Morgan says:

    I also have detox nights. I do it at least once a week, usually during Fridays. I use aromatherapy while in the bath and I just really take the time to bathe with warm water. There are times wherein I’d bring wine in the tub too and it’s just the best feeling ever. Very relaxing and it helps me be more productive over the weekend instead of sleeping my days off.

    • I should do this as well. I need to take care of myself more.

  • Denise Murphy says:

    I don’t really like massages so my detox night is with my essential oils and book reading.?

  • Quin Meri says:

    Garlic has a really nice taste and I really like it in my food. Others think it’s a little stinky though and it leaves that annoying taste in your mouth. But it’s GOOD!

  • Nancy Smith says:

    I have moisturizers that have birch sap but I’m not sure where to get a pure one.

  • Debra Perry says:

    Everyone should really have a time to just relax and detox. It can really help you mentally and physically. Tried and tested! ?

  • Lynda Diaz says:

    My week isn’t complete when I’m not doing proper relaxation techniques. Work is very stressful at times and we all need spa-time.

  • Sara Bragg says:

    I have this favorite way of eating garlic but I don’t know how to make it. It literally tastes like nothing but it’s whole cloves of garlic.