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Load up on green tea and apples!

green tea and apples

No, that picture isn’t here to show you a new cocktail drink. It’s green tea infused with apples. And here’s why you should give it a try.

Say Goodbye to Heart Diseases and Cancer


Green tea and apples should be your new favorite snack combo, or at least drink and eat these once a day. Why? While we all know that green tea and apples have their own specific characteristics for fending off chronic ailments, there is new research to reinforce the health benefits. 

Polyphenols are the Key

I don’t want to sound very scientific and technical, but think of polyphenols as a component found in both green tea and apples that give these foods their health benefits. According to the Institute of Food Research, polyphenols that are found naturally in fruits and vegetables help reduce the risk of chronic diseases in people who eat them the most.

green tea and apples

How does it Work?

Linking polyphenols to the health benefits haven’t really been studied in detail, until now. The researchers were able to find how VEGF, and its role in forming blood vessels, is related to polyphenols. Low levels of polyphenols from green tea and apple, in the body, is connected to an improper functioning of the VEGF.

green tea and apples (2)


There are already health benefits to just drinking green tea and eating apples separately, but now that researchers have found out why these two superfoods can reduce the risk of heart diseases, cancer, and other related chronic diseases, what are you waiting for?

This video explains why apples are considered one of the super food, including the history of apples and all of it’s nutritional value, including fiber.


Still not convinced? Head on down to the grocery and start eating apples once or twice daily and drink green tea, and then see for yourself how much you’ve changed after a month or so. 😀

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