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5 Ways to battle eczema this coming winter, with home remedies

One of the many triggers of eczema is the changing of the surrounding weather. And since autumn is just around the corner and winter will follow soon, here are ways to battle eczema using home remedies.

home remedies eczema


Home remedies for eczema

Coconut oil or Jojoba oil

The problem with dry skin is that it makes eczema itchier. So you need to lather up with oil, especially after showering before patting your skin dry. Let it stay on your skin for a while before putting on your clothes.

Organic raw honey

Put organic honey on top of the affected areas and leave it for at least thirty minutes.

Less stress, do yoga or meditation

Stress can also make eczema worse. Try yoga, meditation, light walking or even getting enough sleep can help alleviate stress.


Probiotics are known to help improve skin health. So stock up on those plain yogurts.


I know I said at home remedies, but if you do get bored at home, try visiting a salt cave/mine. Salty air is also a remedy for eczema. If there’s no salt cave or mine near you, even sea breeze will do.


Other easy ways to help treat eczema are shown in this video:


Do remember that while trying home remedies and natural ways of alleviating eczema is helpful, it is still best to consult with your physician.

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  • Denise Murphy says:

    Salty air can be a cure for eczema? How? It’s an interesting theory.

  • Dorothy Garrett says:

    I have different types of lotions at home. One for warmer months, one for colder months, and one for extreme eczema seasons. I always need my skin to be hydrated so I can’t skip lotions/moisturizers no matter what. I think that it also works best for me to keep my lotions in the shower so that I remember to apply it immediately after my bath/shower.

  • Virginia Davis says:

    I’ve never tried applying honey so areas that have eczema. I try not to put anything other than the ointments/creams/lotions prescribed to me so I won’t alleviate the symptoms… I wonder how safe this is though.

  • Frances Williams says:

    I do find that stress makes my skin flare up. So I try not to mind the fact that my body has it. The eczema itself can be a great source of stress. Especially when you don’t want people to see it or for people to be grossed out by how it looks.

  • Kathryn Barnes says:

    The sun will cause my skin to dry up, so I sometimes avoid the beach especially in the summer. In months that aren’t too cold or warm, that’s when I usually visit. I don’t think it helps much with my skin though.?

    • Lynn Saunders says:

      I have psoriasis and I flare up in colder months as well.

  • Violet Perkins says:

    Coconut oil feels too thick for me but on colder months like winter, I’m all good with it.

  • Laura Mendoza says:

    I have very extreme eczema and natural treatments like this aren’t enough.