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Essential Oils 101: What, How, Where, and Why

Do you have quite a collection of essential oils in your home but have no idea how to really use them? Welcome to the bandwagon of essential oil beginners!

essential oils


I think that the problem with learning about essential oils is that there are so many out there! Not to mention the flexibility of their use – you can diffuse them, apply them on your body, etc. So matching which oil with which function is my job for today.


Breathe it in

One of the uses of essential oils is to smell them. Yes, you may think this is quite basic, but, with their powerful scents, they actually help you when you inhale them. All you have to do is to place a few drops either on a piece of cloth, or on your palms and rub it together. Then smell and breathe it in.

Another way to breathe them in is by using a diffusing it. Use a diffuser for essential oils and keep in mind the kind of oil for the kind of mood you want to be in.

essential oils


Bathe with it

I love having hot baths when I’m trying to get myself to relax after a busy day at work. Adding 2-5 drops of essential oil to your bathing water will do just the trick. Do avoid these oils as they may irritate sensitive skin: oregano, cinnamon, wintergreen, lemongrass, and cassia.


Apply on skin

Easiest way of using essential oils is by applying it topically on your skin. Just 3 drops and you’re good to go. However, do be wary of labels. If your oil says it’s not for topical application, then don’t put it. This is a very handy illustration of where to apply and what oil to apply:

essential oils

Here is a video to watch if you want to learn more about essential oils.


As always, check with your physician or healthcare provider if you’re allergic or have any untoward responses with oils before proceeding. Have fun! 😀

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  • Sheri Lawrence says:

    This is my new addiction: ESSENTIAL OILS! ?

  • Bernice Perry says:

    At first, I felt like I was getting too old because I’ve started to like my first essential oil that I randomly purchased. I’ve always thought that aromatherapy is only for old people. But then I grew to understand that it’s effects is worth more than just ‘feeling old’. It has really improved my overall mental health for a reason I can’t explain.

  • Violet Bell says:

    I have sensitive skin and my physician told me to not use essential oils for topical application. I just inhale them and diffuse them and it works just fine.

  • Shannon Harper says:

    What’s the difference between uplifting and stimulating?

  • Jenny Palmer says:

    I love adding my favorite essential oil in my bath water, especially at night. It’s really relaxing and it just helps me fall asleep better at night.

  • Kelley Patton says:

    Essential oils can even help alleviate cough and colds. It’s magic, I tell you!?

  • Hattie Simpson says:

    I agree. I just put it on my wrists and sniff it.

  • Judith Estrada says:

    This essential oils trend has got to be the best trend out there. It really helps.

  • I got less migraines once I started including essential oils in my daily routine. Not sure why, but maybe it’s because it helped with tension in my body.

  • Marjorie Sharp says:

    I read from a blog that putting eucalyptus oil on your wrist when you have a whooping cough or itchy throat can make it feel better. I tried it and it worked great and I was able to sleep properly without coughing too much.

    • Tasha Daniel says:

      Really? I’m going to try this with my kids. I really pity them when they keep on coughing at night when they’re sick.