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How Sunlight Can Help You Lose Weight

Blue Light

There’s a new study conducted by the University of Alberta wherein researchers placed fat cells under lamps giving off blue light (the shortest visible light coming from the sun) for four hours, while other samples were kept in the dark. In a span of two weeks, the two groups had surprising differences. In their 11th day of the experiment, the group of fat cells that were exposed to blue light had fewer lipid droplets (these are the organelles that store fat), compared to the cells that were kept in the dark. In conclusion to this, it means that less light means more fat storage, which is why people gain weight during months that have less sunlight.How Sunlight Can Help You Lose Weight

While this is a theory that’s not proven to help with actual weight loss, it just goes to show how much we need sunlight in order for our cells to do their work properly. However, basking in the sun doesn’t necessarily mean skipping sunscreen and staying under the sun for really long hours just to lose weight. We all know how ultra-violet radiation and skin cancers can be caused by too much exposure to sunlight. Also, the sun cannot directly cause you to lose weight. Instead, it affects your body in such a way that your body will be in a better state for you to be successful in your weight loss goals.


Another reason that sunlight can play a role in weight loss is the theory of heat-production. When your body temperature drops, you’ll feel hungrier. When your body temperature rises, you’ll feel less hungry. Bottomline, cold temperatures can result in greater calorie consumption especially with less sunlight and it can affect your weight.

Physical Activities

Not only that, but we all know how we’re feeling sluggish or lazier during colder months. Whether it’s raining outside, snowing or too chilly to even go out, we manage to do fewer activities which causes our body to burn fewer calories. The solution to this: Push yourself to keep doing physical activities. Regardless if it’s outdoor or not. If possible, do yoga or exercise indoors. Even without the sun, your body will still burn calories.

With all these theories in mind, we can adjust our lifestyle according to the needs of our body. When the sun is out, have your healthy dose of sun. When the sun is nowhere to be seen, be active and be mindful of your physical activities.

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