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OSEA, the All-Vegan Frontier of Skincare

Today I have news that I am sure will be thrilling for all the girls among my readers. I made a new discovery in the field of skincare; its name is OSEA, and it’s an all vegan, gluten-free and organic line of skincare and bodycare products.

Yes, you read that right: vegan. What makes this brand an award-winning one is the difference with most of the others. Instead of investing in marketing techniques and packaging which is often not at all nature-friendly, OSEA focuses on the all natural ingredients.

But let’s take one step back and let’s take a look at the fascinating story of this revolutionary beauty brand.

OSEA’s founder, Jenefer Palmer, lives in Malibu, California, right on the sea. This great daily view inspired her to create a line of beauty products based on marine ingredients and nutrients. Jenefer, with a solid background in the body healing arts, started to experiment herself with cosmetic chemistry. It wasn’t until the discovery of a miraculous algae from Patagonia, the Gigartina, that the OSEA project really started to take form. The result, after many years of successes, are quality, natural and eco-responsible skincare.

Minerals, vitamins and the right fatty acids derived from sea and earth are the key benefits for your skin that OSEA provides, and there is not much more you will find in these products! OSEA’s website provides an interesting (and a bit scary) list of ingredients which are NOT used in their skincare line. The blacklist includes different ingredients which are often used in the industry and the reasons why they shouldn’t.

An example? Silicone-derived emollients, present in many shampoos, lotions and moisturizers and used to give the hair that silk-like feeling, are linked to skin irritation and tumor growth. Same goes for Benzoyl Peroxide, often used in serums and cleansers.

The fact that many companies in the beauty industry decide to add potentially dangerous but temporarily effective ingredients to their beauty products is no news. What is news is that finally someone decided to change things! OSEA’s commitment is moving: apart from using just natural ingredients and basing the whole line on the miraculous seaweed called Gigartina, the company takes part to different movements which fight to make safe beauty products every woman’s right.

The name of the company itself stands for Ocean, Sun, Earth and Atmosphere. The skincare line includes products that sound more than yummy. The website presents a lists of creams, cleansers, moisturizers, treatments and much more for every kind of skin. You can comfortably shop according to you skin type.
I personally am definitely going to try some of these products. The love and respect for nature shown by OSEA and its revolutionary approach to skincare convinced me! Have you ever tried them, or had some other remarkable experiences? Let me know!

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