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When Recycling Isn’t Enough, Reusable Items Are The Best Option

Maybe I have constantly reminded all of you (in the past) here in Radiant Peach to recycle your garbage. However, there are times that recycling isn’t enough anymore. Especially now that China has recently changed their rules on what types of recyclables they will accept. Thus, leading a lot of cities in the U.S. struggling to find a place to send their trash. Even some of our recyclables are being sent to the landfill for now. Sad, right?

Now that recycling isn’t enough, using reusable items instead of disposable ones is a better option. Here are 5 simple tips on how you can incorporate reusable items in your life instead:

1. Reusable Containers

No worries, I’m not going to ask you to eat in reusable containers in a restaurant. That would be a little weird and it wouldn’t be quite nice to look at. However, you might want to use these reusable containers if you have leftovers in a restaurant or when you buy a take-out.  Styrofoam isn’t recyclable in many U.S cities, which is why it’s better to avoid getting a disposable container when you’re out to get some food.

You might also want to find a lightweight container that you can just tuck inside your bag when you’re going to go out. Also, just in-case you don’t feel comfortable asking the waiter or cashier lady to put your food in the reusable containers, maybe it would be better if you tell them that you’re doing this for the environment. Which is the actual point, right? Not only will they appreciate the fact that you’re helping their company save up on styrofoam stocks, but Mother Nature will also appreciate your gesture. There’s actually nothing to be ashamed about!

Feel free to explore all the possible things that you can substitute reusable containers in your life.


When Recycling Isn't Enough, Reusable Items Are The Best Option

2. Thermos

Are you a coffee lover or tea lover? Then, you have to make sure that you’re carrying one around when you’re going out. Not only will it keep your coffee/tea warm/cold as long as possible, again, it’s better for the environment! Although, keep in mind that only a certain amount of liquid can fill your thermos, so don’t order anything that would be beyond its capacity.

Whether it’s Starbucks or any other coffee shops, they love the idea of eco-friendly efforts that their consumers do. They will highly appreciate your concern for the environment.

3. Reusable Straws

I’ve mentioned this before in a previous article about straws. While I don’t necessarily promote the use of straws, whether disposable or not, I know that there are drinks available in the market that can’t be consumed without the use of straws. Like smoothies, frappes, etc. So, I highly suggest that you guys keep reusable straws inside your bags. There are a lot of brands that have been producing this now, from stainless to bamboo straws, it’s available. Some brands even excel in aesthetics so if you prefer drinking fabulously in rose gold metallic straws, it’s your choice.

When Recycling Isn't Enough, Reusable Items Are The Best Option

4. Tote Bags

Some of you have already been using this whenever you would go to the grocery store or farmer’s market. But you might want to purchase smaller versions for other loose items such as vegetables. Sometimes, they would still put it in plastic bags and we really want to avoid the use of it as much as possible. Opt for a very lightweight version though, since there are times that they weigh your produce along with the plastic/tote bag it comes with.

5. Cloth Napkins

Once paper napkins have food residue on them, they’re no longer recyclable. Soiled paper can’t be cleaned in order to be used in new products, so it will be disposed of already. Do you know how many trees have been cut down just so you can have that paper napkin to clean your mouth with? Why not just use reusable cloth napkins that you can wash and reuse? All you have to do is fold them neatly after a meal and it won’t be too much of a mess inside your bag. You can purchase a set of this and just toss them into the washing machine once you get home.

When Recycling Isn't Enough, Reusable Items Are The Best Option

You see, there is always an option in how we go through our everyday lives. Eco-friendly options are always available as much as the options for non-eco-friendly is available right within our reach. You can always choose the option that can benefit the world instead of the other way around. Always keep in mind that our choices as an individual can create a big impact on the bigger population. Things like this can be a ripple effect and you might end up inspiring a friend or two, or even a stranger in switching up to eco-friendly options.

The choice is yours to make. So, which one do you choose?

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