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Spice 101: spices that you can’t be without



It’s time for a small spice guide for all you kitchen enthusiasts. You’d always go to the spice section of a grocery store and you wonder, “Which spices should I be hauling now?” You bought a lot last time but you haven’t even gotten them out of the storage in your kitchen shelf for months now. So you don’t want to waste more shelf space for spices that you won’t be using.

Here is a quick rundown of which spices to buy.

Spices for your kitchen


For: anything, really

Health benefits: anti-inflammatory, increase bile production for organ detox

Spice tip: check for high curcumin content and organic if possible


For: cooking beans or any other legumes

Health benefits: alleviate production of gas, improves digestion

Spice tip: use only 1/4 teaspoon for cooking


For: coffee, tea, etc.

Health benefits: improves circulation, regulation of hormones and body temperature

Spice tip: use Ceylon cinnamon, it’s healthier

Red chili

For: anything that you want to be spicy and hot

Health benefits: boost metabolism

Spice tip: add a pinch to anything


Here is an ultimate grocery guide to buying spices. Don’t forget to add in your grocery list turmeric, cinnamon, red chili powder, and asafoetida. You need all the health benefits that you can get from these spices! 😀

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