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Sugar: Sweet, with a Bitter Aftertaste

Think your Vitamin Water or Gatorade is healthy and delicious? Think again. It’s basically just like drinking soda, with heaping of sugar and zero nutritional value. (Tip: pure coconut water is far more hydrating and healthy.)


I wanted to share this great video explanation of why sugar is driving much of the obesity epidemic. Americans take in an average of 40 tsp of sugar and much of it is in sugary drinks like soda, and fruit juices.

Sugar may be sweet, but excess consumption leaves a bitter aftertaste: millions of people worldwide are affected by type II diabetes or obesity, costing the global healthcare system billions of dollars every year. Close to 90 percent of general practitioners (doctors) in the US, Europe and Asia believe excess sugar consumption is linked to the sharp growth in these, and other, health problems.


What’s your opinion?

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