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Why wearing pajamas can make you happier and healthier

Who would’ve thought that wearing pajamas, or any kind of great sleepwear, will actually make you feel happier and in the long run, healthier?

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Being healthier and happier does not just mean exercising, eating right, reducing stressful situations and problems – it also means feeling good and not just inside, but also on the outside. We always think that being healthier and happier entails complicated rituals and life-changing habits, but if truth be told, it can be as simple as wearing great pajamas to sleep.

Can you recall what you wore last night? And what you’ve been wearing for the past nights? If you’re sleeping with a partner, have you noticed how they react to what you wear? Do they tell you how good you look in your pajamas? Can you remember how that made you feel?

Going to sleep with a great mood reflects on the next morning. And if you wake up feeling great, well, then tell me if that isn’t a great way to start your day.

Just ponder about what Dr. Beth Ricanati thinks about wearing pajamas:

Behavioral modification is powerful stuff. Good habits beget better habits, and confidence breeds confidence. The same holds true in the bedroom. Wearing something soft and comfortable can also be flattering and sexy. So even if you are too tired to contemplate snuggling with your partner, or if you’re upset about those extra snacks you ate today, put all that aside. If you’re going to go to the trouble of changing into sleep clothes anyway, is it really too much trouble to grab this cute or sexy outfit instead of that old and tattered one? No, it’s not. It’s the same amount of effort, for a lot more reward.

If this isn’t enough to convince you to wear pajamas or great sleepwear, watch this:

If you’re lost as what to wear, here are 5 great sleepwear ideas. Let us know if something has changed since you started wearing pajamas or sleepwear!

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  • Maybe that’s why I really feel better being in pj’s and sweats. I just feel really comfortable and I don’t have to worry about looking good.

  • I agree with this post. If I’m not wearing anything comfortable, I wake up in the middle of the night just to adjust my clothes. I really have my own preference for night clothing.

  • I’m that type of girl who doesn’t mind being in pajamas all day if I don’t have any plans within the day. I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with that. I live alone so… Who cares if I’m wearing my jammies all day?!

  • Sheri Lawrence says:

    It’s really nice to invest in sleep wear. It may be the last thing that you want to invest in, because you’re thinking that it’s not important, but I even have special underwear that I use ONLY for sleeping. It just really helps me sleep better at night and wake up really refreshed.?

  • Bernice Perry says:

    I don’t quite like how this article seems to be aiming for ‘fishing good comments’ instead of just feeling good about yourself or what you’re wearing. If my husband knows that I’m comfortable with what I’m wearing, he respects it. He doesn’t tell me that my old t-shirt doesn’t look as good as sexy lingerie. We both have ‘sexy time’ and but our pajamas have nothing to do with our relationship.

    • Dawn Gonzales says:

      I thought it was just me who got that feeling/understanding about the quoted part. I even showed it to my husband and he said that things like that don’t bother him, because I also don’t get bothered by him wearing the same short for days or something like that. So why would he be bothered if I preferred sleeping in ‘something that’s not sexy’?

  • Patsy Nichols says:

    Not everyone has the option to sleep naked. Plus, I don’t think that’s sanitary because you’ll sweat directly on your sheets instead of your pajamas.?

  • Mary Garcia says:

    I’m not married so I don’t think being in something sexy or pleasing is important for me. Unless of course I have to sleep over with friends, then I’d wear something new or presentable. As long as I’m comfortable, I’ll be able to sleep soundly.

  • Ada Rodriquez says:

    When I’m at home, I really love wearing comfortable clothes. It’s the only place wherein I don’t have to think about fixing my hair, putting on makeup, or overall looking presentable.

  • Hattie Simpson says:

    I never thought that simple things like this can be important to ensure wellness. I guess it’s really the little things in life that makes us healthy physically and emotionally.