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Why Sweet Potatoes Are Great For Your Diet

Sweet potatoes are very nutritious. In a medium-sized spud, there is over 400% of your vitamin A daily requirement. Amazing, right? But it doesn’t stop there!

This wonder food is one of nature’s incredibly tasty and healthy foods. Not only that it’s versatile; you can roast it, mash it, slice, bake into fries and even turn it into brownies. It’s also rich in fiber, potassium and has more grams of natural sugar compared to a regular potato. Even with all the nutrients, this wonder food has very few calories.

Homemade Cooked Sweet Potato with spices and herbs on dark background.

Different Types of Sweet Potatoes

I was actually surprised to know that sweet potato have different kinds: the dry-fleshed and the moist-fleshed one. Dry-fleshed ones are starchier and have tan skin with a lighter flesh that may range to white to light yellow. It’s almost similar to regular potatoes than the moist-fleshed ones.

On the other hand, the moist-fleshed ones are darker and have reddish-brown peels and orange flesh. Personally, I think they’re sweeter than the dry ones and I like them better.

What Makes Sweet Potatoes Healthy?

Let’s start with the basics that sweet potatoes are 77% water, 20% carbohydrates, 1.6% protein, 3% fiber, and free of fat. If you’re going to eat a medium-sized sweet potato, it only has about 180 calories aside from it being the perfect source of vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, manganese, magnesium, and potassium.

Steady Energy Source

Sweet potatoes are known to be complex carbohydrates, to they digest really slowly which makes it a steady energy source for your body.

Aids in Brain Function

Did you know that sweet potato are linked to better brain function? It protects the brain, aids in improving learning, and better memory. Sweet potatoes also have high levels of anthocyanins which are antioxidants that reduce inflammation and protects neurons.

Keeps Your Digestive Tract Healthy

Sweet potatoes are amazing for your digestion since it contains both soluble and insoluble fiber. Since our body can’t digest either type, instead of breaking down as they pass through our digestive tract, these fibers travel intact and sweep your gut in the process. Thus, making your bowel movements regular.

Prevents Cancer

Other than being rich in vitamins and minerals, it also has antioxidants that help protect our body from free radicals. It can help prevent chronic and serious health conditions like cancer and heart disease.

If this doesn’t convince you that sweet potatoes should be a part of your diet, then you’re missing out. There are lots of recipes out there that will surely help you enjoy including it in your snacks and meals.

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  • Freya Cameron says:

    Sweet potatoes are actually delicious. But you have to be creative in preparing it because it can taste boring when it’s just boiled.

  • Olivia Taylor says:

    I usually love spicing it up with herbs and baking it is good.

  • Sweet potato fries are the best. I know some of you are vegan so you might not enjoy it, but dipping it in sour cream is the bomb.?


    I sometimes just chop it and add it on my salad.?

  • Luthi Sanders says:

    It’s actually a great snack. It’s very filling and it keeps me full until my next meal.?

  • Frankie Carlile says:

    I use this to make cupcakes. I add the boiled ones and mash it until it’s smooth enough to be added in the batter. It tastes really sweet but you can’t overeat these cupcakes. They can be really filling! I also add cinnamon.

    • Evie Mellor says:

      Oh, interesting. Radiant Peach did mention that it can even be used as brownies. I love cinnamon though!

  • Isadora Oliver says:

    This is why my grandma has been convincing me to eat this. She swears by this as a snack and she just boils it. No fancy way of cooking whatsoever.

  • I thought sweet potatoes were good for diets because it’s low in calories and can easily make you feel full. I didn’t know it has this much nutrients. What an amazing thing! ?

    • Tia Slater says:

      Same, I like how it tastes but I never really appreciate it. I kind of hate the bland taste when you boil it.

  • Rebecca Brady says:

    I didn’t know this was high in fiber. I really need more fiber in my diet because I’m always having problems in having a regular b.movement.

  • Heather Dobson says:

    I agree~ sweet potato fries (baked of course ) are awesome! I even swear my skin looks better after eating sweet potatoes, most likely from all their vitamin A.

  • My Dad was a HUGE yam fan. He was a great cook and often made the most delicious recipes including yams. He also used sweet potatoes. Some of his favorite recipes, spices and tastes originated from Jamaica. Although I knew both yams and sweet potatoes were good for you, I hadn’t realized how many benefits they provided.

  • Jennifer Cole says:

    We actually eat a lot of sweet potatoes….love the fries. Glad to hear they are so healthy. Very informative, Rebecca; thanks for the education, and have a great week.

  • Mishale Brighton says:

    This is a very interesting article.. How about adding some good recipes for yams and sweet potatoes?

  • Much appreciated information as always, hope you are enjoying a great week also and my very best.

  • I must say I never knew sweet potatoes had all these benefits. Quite impressive piece, thank you for the information.

  • Peggy Bayliss says:

    Great information. I have been on a sweet potato kick this week. Definitely one of my favorite foods.

  • Mary Johnson says:

    What a great article! Very useful health information from a balanced perspective with interesting details. I just love sweet potatoes too 🙂

  • Gwen Abrams says:

    A very timely and informative article thanks. I am just getting into sweet potatoes and today made a veggie cottage pie with a sweet potato mash – it was very tasty, and it’s good to know of the health benefits!

  • Great information here and you are so wise! Thanks because I really didn’t know all this either.

  • Pearl Stevenson says:

    Excellent and useful info Rebecca! I love sweet potatoes quite a bit. Will try to eat a bit more after reading this too. Thanks for sharing such healthy info.

  • Helen Vincent says:

    I also do like sweet potatoes, but didn’t knew that it was so much healthy. Thanks for sharing all these cool information with us…

  • Christina Eiland says:

    You are making me hungry for a baked sweet potatı. And it’s cold outside, so I am resisting going to the store. It’s all your fault! Great and tempting article!

  • I was eating sweet potato a couple of days ago and was wondering about the nutritional value of that. And today I read this article. Nice one 🙂

  • Belinda Flores says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderfully informative article, much appreciated. Have a wonderful day.

  • Olivia PHILLIPS says:

    I love sweet potatoes. My grandmother used to make them Christmas. I never made them so I don’t know how. I love baked sweet potatoes and the casserole with marshmallows. I also love sweet potato pie and fries too! I didn’t realize how many vitamins sweet potatoes have in them! Good to know. Thank you for the wonderful information.

  • It is good to know that the food I love to eat is also good for me. 🙂 I ate a lot of sweet potatoes as a child but not so much as an adult, however, after reading this article, I’m making up for lost time. Always a pleasure to see you, take care and my very best as always.

  • Louise Jones says:

    I love sweet potatoes and plan on eating them on Thanksgiving. You did a wonderful job on this article and I learned a lot. Thanks!

  • J. Sacamano says:

    What a great article and a great woman you are! 🙂 I didn’t know there was so many potato variety! I love sweet potatoes and often use them when I make a stew or slice and steam them as an alternative to carrots.

  • Felicia Stewart says:

    This is awesome! We have at least one dinner a week with sweet potato. Love ’em!

  • You ve enlightened me today. I didn’t know all these could be found in a sweet potato. When i was small i loved fried sweet potatoes. Thanks for this info. Be blessed

  • Ellen Walter says:

    Now I know why I love sweet potatoes so much! 🙂 Great overview of an important food. I did not know most of that info – thanks!

  • I love sweet potato but never seem to have enough recipes that use it well! This post has made me hungry! I’m going in hunt of recipes and sweet potatoes now…

  • These are loaded with great health benefits and I especially love that they help with asthma.

  • Francisca says:

    Sweet potatoes are my best choice, we planted for the first in Croatia and had a more than we had expected. Very tasty potato with many benefits glad you wrote about it!

  • Julianne Dreyfus says:

    I look at the sweet potatoes every time I am in the grocery store. They are not big favorites with us, but I am thinking of baking them like french fries…Thanks for all the useful information and I am spirited on to try the potatoes.

  • Hayley Fiennes says:

    There was a time when I was not so fond of sweet potatoes. Then my Dad tried a new recipe on me and I was in heaven!!! I have now acquired quite an affinity for sweet potatoes and am thrilled to know one of my favorite choices is equally beneficial for me. I found the non-edible uses of sweet potatoes fascinating as well.

  • Wow! I did not know that this favorite food of mine has a lot of health benefits. I love eating sweet potato leaves salad as well. Thanks for sharing. This is a very informative article.

  • Professionally researched, written, and presented, with great complementary photos! I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you.

  • Regina Miller says:

    Sweet potatoes are a favorite vegetable of my husband and myself. Though I like to make candied sweet potatoes (not very diet friendly!) at Thanksgiving, we also like them just baked in their skins. Thanks for the great nutritional information…it’s good to know that they are so good for us!

  • Mathilda Parker says:

    Great post on Sweet potatoes! As a family we have tried to incorporate more sweet potatoes into our regular meals so always looking for new ideas. Love all the various colors, have not tried them yet but now I am inspired!

  • Happily this is one food we eat a great deal of. I love sweet potato fries. Thank you for the information; it makes me feel better knowing that something I love to eat is also healthy for me.

  • Kelsey Herrington says:

    This is a very useful and interesting article about sweet potatoes. I never tried sweet potatoes in my whole life… I guess it’s a sad part for me, however, it’s not yet late, I better look for one later and eat a bunch of sweet potatoes…Thanks for sharing. keep us educated.

  • Pam Rizzuto says:

    Love sweet potatoes but we can’t always get them here and if we do they are not good quality. However I will keep a look out for them at market because I haven’t had them for a long time now and you got me hungry. Great info and passing this on.

  • Another wonderful article about our health and our power to stay healthy with good choices and the power of knowledge! When I’m feeling a little “blue,” I always eat a sweet potato with dinner and fuel my “good brain” chemicals with a little “serotonin.”

  • Heidi Newman says:

    Very interesting, awesome and useful. I just had home made sweet potato fries, they taste great and I hope that baking with some olive oil didn’t reduce the good stuff. Thanks

  • Dorothy PETERMAN says:

    I like these because they’re yummy. But I note that sweet potato fries have fewer calories generally than equal regular french fries. Do you know why that’s true?

  • I’ve been wanting to include more sweet potatoes in my diet for a long time having heard over and over again the health benefits. Your recipe for sweet potato pancakes is very tempting.

  • Maria McClain says:

    I always thought sweet potatoes and yams were the same thing. I love sweet potatoes, yams too, I suppose. I make sweet potato fries frequently. I must try the pancakes.

  • Roberta S. says:

    Wow that is a lot of useful information there. I love sweet potatoes. I usually buy them from the Farm Market and then take them home cut them up and freeze them for later use. I didn’t know they were that good for the skin. I think I will be eating more of them. I also didn’t know that the darker color is sweeter. Now to find those and I will be set. Thanks for this very informative article!

  • Samantha Ross says:

    Sweet potatoes are the best and add some great color to a dinner plate. I always love reading your posts to find out that some of the things I like to eat are healthy too. Shared.

  • Erma Looney says:

    You continue to outdo yourself. I start reading thinking I know everything about sweet potatoes but as usual, you teach me I do not! How wonderful and beneficial your articles are. thank you for trying to keep us healthy.

  • Lorraine Shelton says:

    You have done such a lovely job of giving us information on the sweet potato. It is one of my favorite foods. One reason it is a favorite is because in addition to being healthful it is so versatile. There are so many ways to prepare it that it is a great food to serve to complement many other foods.

  • Marianne Stewart says:

    Very informative. I didn’t realize just how healthful sweet potatoes are for us. I like baked sweet potato fries, will have to eat more of them.

  • Dana Rosatti says:

    Sweet potatoes are high in fiber and low calorie – great to know. I generally do not buy them but your article is making me think I should start doing so. Thank-you.

  • Valeria Fisher says:

    Awesome post, Rebecca. I love sweet potatoes. Good to see they are very nutritious, too.

  • You have listed so many good reasons to be consuming sweet potatoes. Will pin this to my health board. I loved the photos of the sweet potatoes grown in Hawaii. They are a beautiful plant. I never knew that sweet potatoes were used as a plant in aquariums. You always give us so much great information in your posts. Thank you!

  • Kimberly Braun says:

    How wonderful it would be to see these offered as street food here in our area. Looks so delicious!

  • I’ve eaten many sweet potato fries, but no other way. Maybe it is about time for me to broaden my experience. 🙂

  • Thank you so much for this great article of sweet potatoes! I grew up eating more yellowish white sweet potatoes, but I have gotten to love orange sweet potatoes! Purple sweet potatoes don’t seem to get caramalized as much as the orange ones, though…

  • Kim Benes says:

    Thank you so much for inspiring me while reading the infomations stated above. I am researcher of sweet potatoes and presently I am conducting my research studies on varietal performance of sweet potato.

  • Constance Wilhelm says:

    i love sweet potatoes and so does hubby,but it never occurred tome to have them for breakfast! DUH

  • Sweet potatoes are one of my “go to” foods. When I learned this is one of the food sources used in the blue zones and with all the flavor, fiber and nutrient benefits I was hooked! My method is to pressure-cook them with butternut squash, mash and combine with ground chia/flax/pumpkin seeds along with cinnamon and coconut milk – delicious! Too many positives to ignore and I’ll have to start looking for the purple varieties with my next store run!

  • Florence Constanza says:

    Rebecca, this is phenomenal! Would you mind if I share content from your article? I’m new with my sweet potato snack business so this is super resourceful. Thanks for writing about my favorite food.

  • Thanks for this article. I really love sweet potatoes. Feels great knowing that they’re healthy to eat!

  • Cassi Braun says:

    I love sweet potatoes! Glad to know just HOW good they really are for us! Thanks so much!

  • Once I prepared a really simple sweet potato dessert. It was just mashed sweet potato with some melted vegan butter and some cinnamon sprinkled on top. It was quite nice.

  • Debra Pruett says:

    Yea, all should go Vegan actually. Our bodies indicate we are herbivores with our long and alkaline intestines. Carnivores and omnivores have short intestines and acidic stomachs. Also the cholesterol and fat in meat and dairy feed heart disease, cancer and diebetes(type 2 especially).

  • Rosa Aoki says:

    Even better, they’re not only healthy, they’re actually delicious! Thank you!

  • Kate Watts says:

    As a snack, I will sometimes microwave a sweet potato until soft and then smash it up. I like to add coconut milk, salt and pepper. Anyone else have any suggestions for improving it?

    • Abbie Howarth says:

      Make fries! Garlic, chili powder, salt and cayenne. Dip them in a vegan yogurt sauce (like thai chili paste and lime juice). I eat these for days!

    • Scarlett Wilson says:

      I cut them up like fries and bake them with a little bit of cumin and salt. Amazing!

    • Sarah Cox says:

      I like to keep it simple and have it with coconut oil, salt & pepper and some cayenne or paprika – healthy and delicious!

    • Anne Lang says:

      Some maple syrup, cinnamon sugar, and marshmallows… not really healthy but damn, does it taste good.

  • Lydia Gibson says:

    In 200g of sweet potatoes theres: Theres 23018.00 mcg of beta-carotene 1921.80 mcg of Vitamin A Retinol. – (6406 ui) -> The upper limit daily is 10000. Does that mean the maximum amount of sweet potatoes I can eat daily is 300 grams?

    • Shannon Sanders says:

      I eat 550g of sweet potatoes at least 5 days a week. I’m still alive. Also am not a potato

  • So much hate for sweet potatoes!!?!? Is this a joke? The mistake is to try to pair them with other sweet flavors. That’s gross. Match them up against something pungent and sharp like horseradish or blue cheese and the game’s done changed. They also make tremendous fries and chips.

  • I can’t stand their sweetness, but I regularly receive them this time of year through a subscription veg service. Rather than leave them to go to waste, what can I do to make me like them? Bearing in mind the sweetness is the critical off-putting factor.

  • Naomi Rogers says:

    Well, for one thing, they don’t have essential fats, necessary in regulating inflammation and neurology

  • Scarlett Barker says:

    I read somewhere that except for calcium and vitamin D (perhaps I’m misremembering the vitamins) potatoes have everything a human needs to survive, and that by adding milk and butter (for instance, mashed potatoes) one could survive indefinitely with no negligible effects. Is this true?

  • Nicole Potts says:

    I bought sweet potatoes because i thought they were healthy. I would like to make a meal with just sweet potatoes that will feel like a proper lunch, but i don’t know how to make them appetizing. I have tried fries before but i failed massively. I’m willing to try again, but i don’t have say cornstarch, would rice flour work?

  • Sweet potatoes contain a lot of vitamin A which your body needs for good eye health, amongst other things. Regular potatoes have more minerals, so potassium and such. My advice? Don’t limit yourself to one kind! Alternate! That way, you get the best of both worlds and twice the flavours to choose from.

    • Paige Saunders says:

      In the context of a balanced diet, where you’re getting sufficient vitamins and minerals every day, it really doesn’t matter which of the two you choose.

  • Harriet Sykes says:

    I hate the stupid fake potatoes. I do try to eat them more, I usually make mashed potato with half regular and half sweet potato. I really just don’t like the taste of sweet potatoes.

  • Mary Lund says:

    I LOVE SWEET POTATOES! I dice mine up with onions and garlic, drizzle a tiny bit of olive oil on, and oven roast them. I like them crunchy, my husband prefers them softer. Now I’m hungry.

    • Megan Ford says:

      how do you get everything to cook evenly? i always end up burning my garlic and onion trying to get the sweet potatoes right D:

    • Gracie Gardner says:

      I cover it in foil, and then take it off at the end for super crispyness.

  • Gracie Patterson says:

    I cooked a sweet potato today. It was a large potato. I stabbed it a few times with a fork, then wet some kitchen paper around it and put it in the microwave for 7 minutes. When I cut through there was a solid core in the middle and hard to cut. Once I sliced it in two I could see the orange hard core on both sides of the split potato. I put it in the microwave for another 2 mins but the hard center remained. Was this a bad sweet potato or did I need to cook it a lot longer?

    • I would say you need to cook it longer. I cook mine 10min at home but 15min in the microwave at work 🙂

  • I have sweet potato every morning for breakfast. I pre dice them at the beginning of the week and have them ready in the fridge.

  • Loren Craig says:

    I’m a vegetarian and sweet potatoes are my go to for literally everything! I absolutely love them.

  • Amy Miles says:

    We slice them into long thin planks then cook them in the skillet like pancakes. Top them with whipped honey + ground cloves = sweet sweet goodness

  • Paige Griffin says:

    They’re the best! I’m allergic to dairy, but I use sweet potatoes to make a fake mac and cheese (my dude refuses to say it’s ‘cheesy’ but he loves the dish and will often request it).

  • Lisa Martell says:

    Have you seen purple sweet potatoes? The Okinawans eat them daily, they’re supposed to be one part of the diet responsible for longevity, the other plant they eat is bitter melon which is another part of the longevity factor in the diet. They’re hard to find here in the UK.

  • Olivia Hart says:

    I’m glad someone made an appreciation post for sweet potatoes. They’re my current food obsession. I’ve always liked them but never fully appreciated them until recently.

    • Megan Wilkins says:

      Right?! I always forget how versatile they are. Very filling but I don’t feel as gross as if I’d eaten a regular baked potato.

    • They’re somehow lighter? And feel less guilt when eating them because of all the nutrients.

  • Gracie Iqbal says:

    I love sweet potatoes. They’re cheap, they’re healthy and they last forever. But I always forget just how amazing they are.

  • Katie Ferguson says:

    Sweet potatoes are a complex carb and, as you mentioned, full of vitamins and minerals. Don’t eat them too often though. Other good sources of complex carbs for fat loss are broccoli or brown rice.

    • I wouldn’t touch brown rise with a 10 foot pole. It sounds like something drifting over industrial London during the Blitz. Joking aside, there’s nothing wrong with sweet potatoes

  • Abbie Adams says:

    The minerals and vitamins found in sweet potato can easily be found from other sources in fewer calories per nutrient. But, if you like them, there is really no reason you should exclude them form your diet completely. Sweet potatoes are one of the few carb-dense foods I eat.

  • Elise Robertson says:

    I ate two sweet potatoes like and hour before bed regularly and lost weight without a problem. Calories in vs. calories out.

  • Morgan Walters says:

    Anecdotally I find when I steam it in the microwave it tastes pretty good, but when I cut it into wedges and roast it in olive oil I ended up binge eating a ton of them like regular french fries.

  • Jeannine Messina says:

    Sweet potatoes are packed full of nutritional aspects from minerals and vitamins, but that comes at the price of a hefty sugar/carb load. In that case, are they still suitable for a person aiming to lose fat?

  • Jared George says:

    Meh… I won’t eat a plain sweet potato. I do baked sweet potato “fries”, casseroles (including the terribly unheatlhy Ruth’s Chis casserole), or if it’s just a baked sweet potato it has to have something on top of it.

  • Victoria Harding says:

    Yeah great info, thanks… but how are they inherently healthier than normal potatoes?

    • Eloise Burns says:

      they really aren’t any healthier. maybe a few more vitamins and a bit of fiber, but… unless youre severely lacking vitamin A elsewhere in your diet, its a moot point. you’re pissing out the excess anyway. i like to eat both because they both have different flavors that work well in different contexts.

  • Sweet potatoes are also healthier because you don’t need to dress it up as much to taste good. People add cheese, sour cream, bacon and bunch of other shit to make russets taste good but for a sweet potato add a little cinnamon and it’s delicious.

    • Nicole Miles says:

      this is a good point. I never eat regular potatoes without olive oil and salt. sweet potatoes are pretty good on their own

  • Lara Hawkins says:

    It’s a whole food meaning there’s synergistic effects with health that we cannot fully realize. Yes, we can see there’s a high amount of vitamin A, but there’s so much more to whole foods than just what vitamins and minerals we can detect within it.

  • Evie Arnold says:

    Sweet potatoes are no different than potatoes except sweet potato has vitamin A and potato has vitamin C. A carrot will do just as much.

  • I like baked potatoes, but one way I could improve the way I cook them would be to steam them a bit first

  • Carlos Schmidt says:

    There is nothing special about sweet potato, it has a good deal of vitamin A, but aside from that, it’s just a starch.

    • Abigail Warren says:

      There is nothing special about sweet potato, it has a good deal of vitamin A, but aside from that, it’s just a starch.

  • Jodie Law says:

    love them! i typically just put sweet potatoes in a slow cooker as part of a soup that contains, rice, beans, vegetables, etc. if you want to eat the sweet potato whole you can simply take it out of the rice and bean soup thing whole and eat it that way. baking just dehydrates and wrecks the foods.

  • Tia Holland says:

    Boiling sweet potatoes is good for vitamin A retention, but I bake mine specifically because I can reach vitamin A maximum fairly easily. For me, baking sweet potatoes is the way I can eat a lot of them.

    • Angela Davenport says:

      I’ve always steamed mine – I would have thought boiling would be worst than steaming.

  • Anna McKenzie says:

    can we EAT the skin??? I thought the skin was like a banana peel- we don’t eat it.

  • Brooke Hartley says:

    Nothing on God’s earth is as awful as a boiled sweet potato. Conversely, is there anything in the entire universe more awesome than a roasted or baked sweet potato?

    • Danielle Murphy says:

      I guess boiled foods are bland but if you have it was a nice sauce its great!

  • Sophie Weston says:

    I love roasted sweet potatoes & carrots. Though I usually nuke sweet potatoes to save time.

  • Thanks for this article. Sweet potatoes are actually great when juiced and taste similar to carrot juice.

  • Boiling vs steaming? I would think less nutrients would be leeched away by the surrounding water.

  • Clifton Lamb says:

    I love sweet potato fries that have been cooked with hot air. I bet that would have the result of baking, but i really dont know.

  • Philip Murphy says:

    Good info! How about eating them raw? I been eating sweet potato raw for years, so far i have no problems at all

  • Madeleine Walters says:

    I love sweet potatoes. The violet ones are my favourite. I normally boil my sweet potatoes whole in order to maximize the nutrient content. Just remember to pierce about 10 times into the sweet potato before boiling.

  • Betty Hill says:

    Thanks for the information. I have been putting my sweet potatoes in the oven, now I am going to start boiling them.

  • Jessica Williams says:

    would “baking” them in a slow cooker be better? i usually throw in a few in the slow cooker before work and come home to them

  • Olivia Clements says:

    Goes to show that certain vegetables are best cooked in their own unique way to assure best healthier results. Some even best eaten raw for a better nutritious value.

  • Paige Hayes says:

    Can I eat sweet potatoes only every day forever ? will I have any health problems if I do that?

  • There is such a high dose of beta carotene in one sweet potato that people who eat just one, who also take a multiple vitamin, will be seriously over-dosing on A, which could produce carotenemia. And is there any other hidden toxicity to huge over-doses of vitamin A? As in liver damage? I know someone who ate an orange sweet potato with a large helping of romaine lettuce and red pepper every day, sometimes with carrots, as well as her daily multiple vitamin and she turned orange. It took months for the orange to completely disappear once she stopped this, being that she ate this way for years thinking she was eating healthy. She became very concerned when finally taking notice of her orange skin because she thought she was jaundice. Nobody talks about this. I think this over-dosing on foods with beta carotene should be seriously considered and written about being that food is just like medicine. And plus–nowhere can be found a comparison of the nutritional value of a WHITE sweet potato versus an orange one. Is the white lower in beta carotene? I would think so being that there is no orange color, but by how much exactly? Do you know? I think people should limit the orange, perhaps mix a portion of orange with a white sweet potato, (if the white is in fact lower in beta carotene), and be aware of their vitamin A intake. People who go crazy with healthy foods can actually be damaging their bodies. I know that too much of anything is bad, but most people do not connect this “saying” with potatoes.

  • Sarah Peacock says:

    I have recently started eating Sweet Potatoes, and I realized that it tastes soooo good raw. I looked it up and found out people eat them raw all of the time. I mentioned it to my parents who grew up in NC and they both said their parents grew them and they ate them raw as kids all of the time.

  • Isabella Booth says:

    Interesting. I eat the high carb low fat diet. I switched this this way of eating after failing the “low carb” diet miserably. That diet made me sick, fat, and mean. I enjoy sweet potatoes for breakfast every morning. I make a large pot of mashed sweet potatoes, dump it into a bowl and top with thawed frozen berries and sliced banana. Easy, quick FILLING breakfast. Sometimes I will boil a chopped up sweet potato in water, then when its almost done I will add a half cup (or more, don’t actually measure) of old fashioned oats. The sweet potato water sweetens the oatmeal slightly. Put that in a bowl and top with thawed frozen berries and banana. I can honestly say, sweet potatoes and bananas are my favorite foods. Note too, I don’t add any oil, doesn’t need it. You can’t taste whether it has oil in it or not, and the oil adds empty useless calories giving you no nutritional benefit.

  • Natasha Watts says:

    I eat potatoes and sweet potatoes everyday, 3 a day. The reason is they are cheap, and very healthy. It is more about what is on a potato, such as butter, which makes them bad for you, but I never use butter in food, vegan or not.

  • great job with this! i became addicted to this veg about 3yrs ago, makes me feel amazing when i eat em with some non starchy vegetables.

  • Was eating mashed jewel sweet potato while reading this. Just had some raw diced tomatoes tomato and green onion and a pinch of Cayenne powder yum ^-^

  • what’s your thoughts on russet, red, or golden potatoes? are they considered healthy as well? it’s so confusing because I’ve seen very conflicting views on them

    • Sofia Booth says:

      Red potatoes have more nutrients if you eat the skin. It is conflicting. Regular potatoes can be healthy when eaten in moderation, and cooked properly. For example chips are quite unhealthy because of the deep frying etc… When a golden jacket potato can be very healthy, if it hasn’t had lots of butter and fillings added, but rather a delicious olive oil filling with some other healthy vegetables. So there are swings and roundabouts with these things, but sweet potatoes are always the best bet. 🙂

  • Victoria Frost says:

    I grow this in my backyard just for this purpose. Saute the young tender leaves in the pan with some mushrooms as part of my diet. It’s absolutely fantastic.

  • Bert Castro says:

    Raw or cooked? I saw a person eat the potatoes raw years ago. I didn’t even know you could eat the potatoes raw. Knowledge is truly important.

  • Michelle Taylor says:

    Korean SWEET POTATOES are nowadays GMO’s…so make sure to buy Organic fuschia Korean Sweet Potatoes. People are not aware of this.

  • Jade Pritchard says:

    I like eating sweet potato in the morning match w/coffee. oh its yummy and.i just boil it or make grill very nice smell too. Thanks for the tips. yes its good to our stomach and body too.

  • Milton Beck says:

    What I would like to know is that all these benefits that the sweet potatoes produce are more beneficial to the body by eating the fruit raw or cooked ?.

  • Lily Lynch says:

    The truth is that sweet potatoes has more health benefits than regular potatoes especially for diabetics.

  • Amelia Hussain says:

    That really helped me thank you. You explained it a lot better than most nutritionist .

  • Russell Carlson says:

    Sweet potatoes do work wonders for me; when I’m eating them regularly I feel I really get to evacuate my bowels satisfactorily because my stools become much easier to pass. I think they’re excellent for that – and they taste great to boot!

  • Paige Preston says:

    My favorite! ❤️ Sweet potatoes are the best snacks ever. I sometimes add maple syrup to it when boiled.

  • Daisy Lucas says:

    I love sweet potatoes already but after reading this I’ll be sure to eat more than I have before.

  • Libby Chadwick says:

    Nice! I love sweet potatoes and I didn’t know this had so much benefits for my body. I just love how eating it makes me stop craving unhealthy stuff or random snacks within the day because I feel full already.

  • Danielle Rosa says:

    I put them in oven have left overs for the whole week. i buy like 4 bags. i’m doing this every week. eating these every day. they give health benefits i desperately need. for what my body is lacking this is the best food for me.

  • Lucy Pearson says:

    My husband and I love sweet potatoes. We really go creative with it and bake with it as well. We’ve mastered it and I’m glad that it’s really healthy.

  • Sophia Mills says:

    In my opinion the biggest benefit of sweet potato is collagen which repairs your skin cell & glow it like new but in a certain quantity

  • Jennifer Field says:

    I corporated sweet potatoes in my diet 2 weeks ago. I consume them at night time and i feel light.

  • Caitlin Lees says:

    I only see the yellow fleshed sweet potatoes from where I live. What’s the difference between yams and this?

    • Zara Sutton says:

      I’m not sure either. I honestly thought they were the same before.

  • Sweet potatoes are there first thing me and my family buys for the holidays lol God bless you love you

  • Hannah Hanson says:

    I love sweet potatoes. I eat plenty of it but I get acidity. I add ginger while cooking but still this acid thing troubles me so much.

  • Summer Lucas says:

    OMG! This is crazy. I just had a bowl of steamed sweet potatoes and carrots over chopped lettuce. I am addicted! Thanks so much for the great info!

  • Even my kids love sweet potato fries as snacks. We all know how regular fries are unhealthy, so I’m glad that they enjoy a healthier option.

  • So happy to see this because I’m growing sweet potatoes for the first time. The leaves are just beautiful!

  • Elise Howard says:

    I’ll be hoarding sweet potatoes from now on. I know that I can cook them in a lot of ways, which makes it really great in almost every meal that needs a sweet taste to it.

  • Irene Ashley says:

    I’m just wondering if you cook the sweet potato differently, if it somehow changes the nutrient composition of it?

    • Mia Knight says:

      I’m not really sure, but if it does, maybe not that much? I know that boiling most veggies including sweet potatoes might kill some nutrients.

  • Amy Iqbal says:

    Love this! Last night I made a very nice sweet potato soup with them and added some herbs. I suggest adding cumin, garlic, ginger, and cinnamon .

  • Imogen Booth says:

    Wonderful, thank you for your advice for good health. I’m 65, no meds, just organic foods and have perfect health.

  • Wow! I knew sweet potatoes were good for you but I had no idea of most of these! This is wonderful for my mom’s chronic lymphedema. I believe in making my food my medicine. Can you please do an article on what foods are best for lymphedema? Thank you so much!

  • Amelie Waters says:

    Are they OK for diabetics? What foods to you recommend for diabetics that suffer from persistent high blood sugar?

  • Love sweet potatoes, eat them every morning. They are easy to grow and store for a long time, everyone should grow them. I steem usually or microwave if in a hurry.

  • I love baked sweet potatoes mash with some vanilla vegan yogurt and honey!! delish and filling .

  • Nancy Chill says:

    Wow! I’ve been eating sweet potato and carrot soup daily for over a week now. I’m addicted lol.

  • Alisha Dale says:

    Oh my goodness! What a coincidence! I just finished baking three large sweet potatoes.

  • Harold Adams says:

    in my home country, sweet potato considered as traditional snack. People stay in rural eat that every morning or afternoon. It grows in their backyard .

  • Ella Dean says:

    I love sweet potatoes!!! I’ve always kept my potatoes in the fridge, against the popular belief they should be kept in a cool dark pantry/storage area. I don’t eat them often enough to avoid the sprouting of roots & gnats. The fridge keeps them fresher longer.

  • I had cold potatoes for breakfast. I had cooked them 2 days ago. Potatoes are fantastic for weight loss. Starch in general is great. Just add plent of greens, especially leaves. It’s sugar and vegetable oils that are the disasters.

  • Alfonso Johnston says:

    wow! I make fried sweet potatoes regularly for my flat mates but I’m the only one who eats it in other forms.

  • Arianna Mangels says:

    Turning a sweet potato into brownie is a surprise. I have never heard anything like that.

  • Amber McCullum says:

    I hate sweet potato but considering its benefits I think I’ll have to start to have sweet potatoes.

  • Sanny Valadez says:

    I was surprised too!! I thought there is only one type of sweet potatoes.

  • Celia Beal says:

    I hate sweet potatoes!! I just have for it for the incredible health benefits that it has.

  • Camyl Latshaw says:

    I usually make fried sweet potatoes for my family. But I didn’t know it has so many health benefits.

  • Melody Covey says:

    I’m eating sweet potato now I wanted to know the benefits of it.

  • Stephany Tharpe says:

    I just shared this with my mother. She would be so happy since she is trying to convince me to have sweet potatoes.

  • Elle Bernstein says:

    I just shared this with my mother. She would be so happy since she is trying to convince me to have sweet potatoes.

  • Jenny Distefano says:

    I love sweet potatoes. I usually boil it peal it and have I with peanut butter. It tastes yum!!

  • Rebecca Krout says:

    My mother in law asked me not to have sweet potatoes during pregnancy. Is it true??

  • Evelyne Jensen says:

    I rarely have sweet potatoes. I don’t like them that much. They have weird taste.

  • Shanie Mock says:

    I am going to the grocery store to buy some sweet potatoes.

  • Anca Merced says:

    I boil my sweet potatoes with some rock salt and lemon juice. It tastes so good.

  • Ellen Culler says:

    I can live on sweet potatoes. They are so yummy plus they have so many health benefits.

  • Candie Laird says:

    My dandruff has gone since I have started having one sweet potato a day.

  • Anne Cowden says:

    I make french fries for my kids from the sweet potatoes and they love it. That how I make them have sweet potatoes.